At the onset (2015/2016 academic session), the Computer Engineering Programme took off with seventy (70) students. Since then there has been a growth in the Programme and a steady increase in student enrollment to a total of 265 students in the 2018/2019 academic session. In 2017/2018 academic session, a Coordinator Dr. (Mrs) F. M. Dahunsi was appointed to coordinate the programme in conjunction with the Head of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr. A.A. Ponnle.

In November 2018, the Programme became a full-fledged Department and Dr. (Mrs) F. M. Dahunsi was made the Ag. Head of the Computer Engineering Department. The Department is empowered by staff from Computer Engineering Department and both Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department and Computer Science Department with a number of Professors, Readers, Senior Lecturers, and others. The University promotes interdisciplinary approach in the delivery of courses. Engineering Mathematics are taught by Mathematical Science Department, Mechanical Engineering Department handles Engineering Drawings and other Mechanical Engineering related courses, other engineering departments in the School of Engineering handles other related engineering courses, while Computer Science Department is responsible for some software related courses. The Department is equally benefitting from inputs from the Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, particularly in related areas. The University encourages staff development.

Given the importance of Computer Engineering in the modern economy, the University acquired and put at our disposal Computer systems, auxiliary equipment development and required laboratories to enhance relevance through research on embedded systems, software engineering, computer communication and networks, cryptography, prototyping and micro computer technology is being aggressively prosecuted. To complement equipment need, simulations and emulators are adopted alongside practical. The laboratories of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science Department are also being used to complement and service the Department.

For professional development and towards self-reliance, the Computer Engineering Department, through the University, is involved in working MoUs with some international universities, CISCO academy, IBM and other National Universities. This action was informed by the need to give products from the Department comparative advantage in the labour market.